Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is Barrisol made of ?

The Barrisol sheets are made with a polymer whose formula is property of Barrisol. Barrisol holds the patent of manufacture and composition of material. Barrisol holds more than 80 patents. Barrisol sheets are classified M1 in France, Bd B-S2-d0 and B-S3-d0 (brushed suedes) in Europe and CLASS ‘O' under Building Regulation in UK and Class I in the USA. Barrisol sheets are non toxic and 100% recyclable.

Is the safety of BARRISOL sheets assured?

BARRISOL sheets meet the criteria of the French, Europeans and international standards.

Which is the resistance of the Barrisol ceilings ?

In case of water damage, the Barrisol ceilings can support masses of many liters of water (without perforations of the sheet and with a profiles fixation of 30 kg/m).The sheets are very strong. They can support masses up to 150 kg without breaking and then find back their initial form. 

How is a Barrisol ceiling installed ?

A Barrisol stretch ceiling is installed a few centimeters of the existing ceiling by an approved Barrisol installer.  The Barrisol sheet can be fixed at any height of the plenum with a distance minimum of 2,5 cm and a maximum distance unbounded.

A traditional installation such as a room to be slept of a surface of 25 m² simple form implies one half-day of work and does not require important displacement of pieces of furniture.

Can we clean a Barrisol ceiling ?

In normal use, a Barrisol ceiling does not need to be cleaned.
If this ceiling were to be stained, it can be cleaned with chamois leather. There are also adapted products of cleaning (ask us for cleaning products).

How many distributors does have Barrisol ?

More than 1200 in more than 145 countries.

How many sq. meters of Barrisol stretch ceiling have already been installed ?

More than 30 000 000 sq. meters !

Why is Barrisol number 1 in the world?

- For the quality of its products
- For its technical knowledge 
- For its permanent innovation
- By its presence in more than 145 countries
For these reasons BARRISOL is member of the club of N°1 in the world to export

Does BARRISOL propose acoustic sheets ?

Yes, Barrisol proposes micro perforated sheets as an acoustic absorber combining esthetics and acoustics quality. Note that the acoustic absorber is different from acoustic insulator. (The acoustic absorber improves the sound of the room)

Is the Barrisol ceiling recyclable?

Yes, Barrisol ceiling is 100% recyclable, for all the products made of copolymere.

Does BARRISOL propose recycled sheets?

The BARRISOL Les Recyclés® line is an additional step in the engagement of the company for sustainable development.
Like all other BARRISOL sheets, Les Recyclés® can be recycled, but they are produced from old BARRISOL sheets.

Is the Barrisol ceiling printable?

Yes. Thanks to the digital printing, it is possible to print photos, logos and patterns of your choice on 14 finishes (such as matt, lacquered, satin, translucent, brushed suede, perforated, TrempoDesign, TrempoVison, recycled, metal, etc.) and 216 Barrisol colors. The patterns/photos have to be at least of a resolution of 300 DPI with a dimension of 1/10th of the sheet to print. The printing standard deadline is 3 weeks. 

What is the lifespan of a BARRISOL ceiling?

Experience shows us that our ceilings keep all their technical qualities for many years. (see our conditions of guarantee).
Numbers of BARRISOL ceilings are still in place twenty years after their installation.

Can I use BARRISOL outside?

Yes, in this case, we recommend choosing the TrempoVision® and TrempoDesign® lines

Does Barrisol take part in HQE program?

Yes, Barrisol was used in the HQE realization of the University of Right and Letters of Mulhouse.

How to know if there is an approved BARRISOL installer close to me?

The network of more than 1200 BARRISOL installers all over the world is very wide. For sure, there is one close to you.

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