Your project step by step

Thanks to our unique concept, the BARRISOL stretch ceiling is simple and fast to install.

As an indication, the installation of a BARRISOL ceiling  of 50 m² lasts only one day (for a simple ceiling). Moreover, the installation does not require any displacement of furniture.

The result obtained will give you whole satisfaction.

Votre ancien plafondINITIAL CEILING: Your initial ceiling

If your ceiling presents level differences, hollows and bumps, cracks, aureoles due to humidity, stains requiring to be repainted, etc. Barrisol is the solution for all this problems!

Rendez-vous avec un commercial
STEP 1 : Your project

Visit of a technician to define and study your project

Prise de mesure de votre salon chez vous
STEP 2 : Measurements

The BARRISOL® technicians take field measurements of the exact shape of the ceiling to be fitted.

Dessin du plan du plafond tendu dans les bureaux techniques
Step 3 : Tracing

The field measurements are transmitted and your ceiling is traced in our technical offices

Fabrication du plafond tendu à l'usine
STEP 4 : Production

The ceiling is custom made to the exact measurements in our factory.

Fixation sur les murs des profils de fixation du plafond tendu
STEP 5 : Rails

The BARRISOL® rails are fixed to the perimeter walls at the desired height

installation d'éléments encastrés dans le plafond, comme de l'éclairage ou détecteur de fumée
ETAPE 6 : Installation of accessories

Installation of lightings or accessories

Installation de la toile du plafond tendu dans les lisses de fixation
STEP 7 : Installation of the ceiling

The BARRISOL® ceiling is stretched and installed into the rails

Fin de la pose : votre plafond tendu est installé FINAL CEILING : Your ceiling after the installation of the Barrisol ceiling

With Barrisol, not only problems of cracks, hollow and bumps, aureoles, and other stains will be forgotten and the result will be splendid and will delight you at every moment. With Barrisol ceiling it is the end of the perpetual painting refreshments of your ceilings! 


Barrisol requires only a reduced maintenance and guarantees a perfect result for ten years.