Environment & Recycling

The many remarkable characteristics of the Barrisol system are derived from the BARRISOL® sheet: a co-polymer material guaranteed to be lead free.

Our product is recyclable and conforms to the following regulations:

  • It is designated Bd B-S2-d0 and B-S3-d0 (brushed suede) in Europe and CLASS 'O' under Building Regulation in UK.
  • BARRISOL® is rated Class I in the USA within the requirements of the ASTM E84 Flame Spread Test.
  • BARRISOL® successfully meets criteria for: UL, N.Y.S. Pittsburgh Protocol Toxicity Test City of New York Building Department.

The recycling of the Barrisol sheets

Barrisol sheets are 100% recyclable
The whole materials used for the production of the sheet can be recycled or are made with recycled matters.

This effort to protect the environment is critically important when you consider that more than 1 million square meters of stretch ceilings are installed throughout the world each year.
After their useful life, Barrisol sheets can be recycled into new sheets or others products of Barrisol Normalu.

Moreover, Barrisol Normalu's manufacturing process does not require the use of water, which allows it to help conserve this vital, natural resource. In the production of sheets, no CFC's or HCHC's are emitted and no cadmium is used in the manufacturing process.

Reprise d'anciens plafonds tendus pour recyclage

We take back old Barrisol sheet for recycling
Barrisol takes back old sheets to its installers to integrate them into a process of recycling.
Since the beginning of this engagement, several hundreds of old ceilings (any colors and finishes) were taken back.
These ceilings (some of which are more than 20 years old) permit to manufacture an innovating and ecological new line of sheets, 'Les Recyclés®'.

Table of comparison between a Barrisol ceiling and other types of ceilings

Barrisol stretch ceilings are lightweight 1000 square meters (10, 260 square feet) of Barrisol weighs around 500 kilos (1, 102 pounds) including the perimeter fixation track. Because it is so lightweight, Barrisol also takes far less energy to transport to the jobsite.

This lightweight limits the energy expenses for manufacture, conditioning and transport and, thus reduces the environmental impacts.

0,5 kg / sq.m Weight for 1 sq. meter 12 kg / sq.m
5 t Weight for 10 000 sq. meters² 120 t
50 kg Packing for 10 000 sq. meters more than 1 t
50 days Assembly of 10 000 sq. meters with 4 people 150 to 180 days
almost none Waste generated by installation of 10 000 sq. meters approximately 10 t
almost none Waste generated by the production of the material 10%
100% which can be recycled, preserve the environment, reusable as a source of energy Recycling sorting necessary, non reusable waste (rubble)
reduced volume, lighter vehicle, less consumed fuel Transport of the material significant volume, large vehicle, significant consumption of fuel
20 years and more, no regular renovation Longevity 5 to 7 years regular renovation